Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sharing the joy

Sharing my work and seeing the joy in someone's eyes when they find the PERFECT piece at my shop is so full filling to me. My passion for design and vintage decor is unstoppable! But I have to say that meeting and talking to each customer is a favorite part of everyday. We all learn from each other is so many ways, and so many of my 'customers' (aka friends) bless me more than they know.

I just had to share the joy I received today from a special lady. She came in to my store and we said the normal "hi--how are you" "fine--and you?"--a friendly greeting but common at best.  She proceeded to browse the shop and then came to me and said that my store feeds her soul and that it was just what she needed today. That sentiment brought tears to both our eyes.  She praised my talent and eye for design and uplifted my soul more than she knows. Browsing my shop calmed her heart but her words wrapped me in happiness.

These are the wonderful blessings I receive everyday from the wonderful people I meet through my shop along with the blessing of getting to do what I truly LOVE everyday.