Monday, February 11, 2013

Picture Placement for walls

So you have a big empty wall and have NO idea what to put there? I help with this all the time :). There are really no exact "rules" to this but I have provided you with some tips and tricks to accomplish a look YOU love.

If possible, it is always great to break up a long wall with a small accent table, stack of suitcases, get the idea. This will help break up the space and make it less intimidating and easier to accessorize!
If you already have some items you want to display, measure them and then cut out paper shapes in their size and play around with the arrangement without commitment. Be sure to use painters tape because it is less tacky and won't harm your wall paint.  Then when you are happy pound the nails right through the paper to get exact placement and then simply tear the paper down.

Just have fun with it. Hang what you LOVE. Don't be afraid to mix shapes as seen here...ovals, squares, all works!
It is also fun to mix it up with empty frames---so fun to fill in the middle with a monogram. It is a good tip to paint them all the same color as well for a more cohesive look.
Have fun, hang what you love. Don't be afraid to try something different :) Keep checking back for more decorating tips to come!
Thanks for stopping by ---until next time.....