Saturday, June 1, 2013

Around the shop....

Having fun keeping things fresh and new around the shop! Wanted to share some of the wonderful photography from Debra of Beauty Tree Photography. She spent the day at One Vintage Lane and captured some great images.
I truly LOVE my job! I get to play with all these wonderful treasures everyday! I love creating new displays and helping my customers create unique looks for their homes! I believe a home should feel collected and tell your story....not furniture showroom decorated! I love to blend vintage items with current, traditional to create a wonderful vintage chic room that is full of history and charm!
I love to play with styles and trends, taking a look from rustic to chic, vintage to farmhouse, industrial to glam! I am NOT  a huge corporation--it is just little old me working hard and loving every minute of it! I do ALL of my own hunting, picking, loading, driving, cleaning, painting, displaying and so on! I love waking up on my days "off" and heading out to a fleamarket or to spend the day driving around to garage sales in the summer. Its the thrill of never knowing what you will find or what amazing item will be the big SCORE! of the day.
Stop in to One Vintage Lane to find your inspiration to create a new look or freshen up what you already have. Lets chat, talk about your vintage finds and treasures! It is my favorite thing to do!
I hope you found these photos inspiring and heartwarming. Look for more pictures of my shop ONE
VINTAGE LANE to be posted soon. Also check out my facebook page at to keep up with me!

One Vintage Lane is located at 1138 W. Maple Street (Rt. 619), Hartville, Ohio 44632
Open Mondays 10 am to 7pm. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Hope you can visit sometime.