Monday, December 17, 2012

Finishing up the Dining room tour

This is the short wall that has the doorway to the foyer. Again, with my love for serving trays, here a repurposed a bathroom towel holder and simply set the silver trays in. I change these out too anytime I find a new tray that I MUST have! I did a blog post earlier on this display here when I talked about style on a budget.
THIS is the top of the black cabinet from the first post....the cage holds my fabulous vintage alarm clocks. I love keeping collections together, it makes more of a statement for sure. I have wired a wooden letter "C" inside the top of the cage. I intended the C to represent my last name, until my daughter simply said "o, cool, C for clocks!" Serendipity :) I used old books inside the cage as well for height varience. I think it looks good like this but won't it be great if I could just FILL it, packed full, with clocks?! Gotta keep shopping.

The last wall to share with you is my favorite. It all started with this wonderul window I, over 10 years ago.....geez time flies! I recently found the framed vintage picture above it at a resale shop...perfect fit. I made the banner that states our last name. I also made the silhouette canvases, one says Mr. and the other Mrs. for each side.         
Well, thats my dining room! Hope you had fun looking around! Stop back soon. Don't forget to become a blog follower! Would love to have you. Also, leave a comment, I love reading them. :)  

Friday, December 14, 2012

More on the Dining room....

Welcome Back!
Continuing on with the dining room tour today....the picture above is a close up of this.....
Here I have another wonderful piece that was found at a salvage shop for under $20.00! I painted it out in a glossy black and added new hardware. Its former life was, I'm sure, a dresser but I think it makes the PERFECT buffet for my dining room.
Above it I have my vintage serving trays. I just LOVE these and since there are so few occasions to actually use the trays....I hang them! That way I can enjoy them daily. I love the scrolled edges and the wonderful vintage colors in shades of blues and reds.
The small square wall hanging is a piece I saved from a broken door, I simply stamped the word PARIS on it, simple but chic! And, of course, you see I used a vintage suitcase for height on the will soon discover that I LOVE vintage suitcases...I have them everywhere! I actually put them to work for me, the hold office supplies, art from my kids when they were little, nail polish...on and on!
I love my apothecary jars! I change their contents all the time, for the season...for my name it. They are a fun way to, again, add instant change to a room, add a pop of color, get the idea.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Compton House!--Sharing my home

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I always get asked what MY house might look like? So over the next few months I will try to give you a feel for where I live! I want to start with the dining room.

This is the view as you enter the dining room from the front door area. I keep some of my FAVORITE pieces in this room. My dining room table is NOT one of I hope to one day get one that is more my style, but for now, I'm making the best of it! I am always on the look out for cute chair covers which help dress up my otherwise very ugly chairs. I have a few different ones that I swap out according to my mood. I always scan the clearence section of my favorite stores to get deals on is the best place for that! I NEVER find 6 of the I mix and match, I love the eclectic look anyhow!

This is the view from the other side of the room looking into my foyer. I will show you some close ups of each section....a little today, a little later :)
This is the shelf you see in the "back" of the room. I got this wonderful piece several years ago at a garage sale and it was one of the FIRST pieces I repainted/repurposed! I think it used to be brown. It had doors (which of course I kept to repurpose into something else). I at first painted it out in distressed white and used it in my daughters room. Then when we moved I painted it black and used it here! Recycle--Reuse!!Alway remember each piece can have more than one purpose, don't get locked into thinking that just because you bought it for one room you can't use it in another! I creates an entire new feel for your home without spending more money!
So keep checking back....I will show you some close ups tomorrow of the details! See that cage on top of the shelf in first picture? holds a secret!