Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Games to SHARE!

So I finally got some of these WONDERFUL game cards scanned in to share with you! Feel free to copy them and use in YOUR home and crafting! They are so great (and so rare these days!)

"Imma Whiz" Math game dated 1944!

"Consonant Lotto" Dated 1956

From "Telling Time" Game Dated 1963

Friday, July 13, 2012

Style on a Budget


So, the thing I get most excited about and am most proud of is….creating great rooms with limited cost!

In the past couple weeks I have been to some auctions, flea markets and garage sales….picked up odds and ends here and there and created two great new looks for my home with VERY LITTLE COST!


This is what I did with it in my dining room!

I am SOO proud of the fact that I created this entire vignette for less than $15.00!! I’m not kidding! You can do this too with a little time and imagination! The cupboard was a mere $2.00 at an auction. I had the paint at home already, but it was free to me from a friend. The lamp was $1.00 at a garage sale. The cherub book ends were $2.00 at a thrift store. The “Paris” wood plaque was free wood from a friends old barn door..I just stamped on it. The vintage tray was $1.00 at thrift store. The vases were free left overs at auction. The chickpeas were free from mom’s garden! The words on the wall were on clearance at JoAnn’s—5 bucks!

Of course I didn’t buy all of this the same day, at the same place with this vignette in mind! I just buy what appeals to me and worry where it will go later! Sometimes I keep a piece for months before something inspires me!

Have fun and happy junkin!

Im joining the party at The Ironstone Nest

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Card Catalog---Be still my heart

I have been searching high and low for a large vintage card catalog....and ta-da! I finally found one!!

This beauty actually has 6 sections! One being the cool pull out tables that you would use to write down your neat.

I do respect it in its original form...but you know me,,,,gotta "juice" it up a bit. I found this wonderful brownish/gray tone paint (Wyoming Grand Tetons)...and knew it would be PERFECT! I used the Glidden brand paint + primer combo....LOVE that stuff. Goes on smooth and perfect. I think it turned out great....what do you think?

I added some letter stickers to the drawer front book plates. I eventually want to add lables to the larger sections too...was thinking of doing like major city names or something fun like that.

I just love finding old, tired pieces and breathing new life in them...sometimes it is as easy as a simple coat of paint! Thanks for visiting! Lori

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage unique!

I am always on the look out for some old flash cards with words or numbers. They are so fun to tuck here and there around the house for some quirky charm. When I came across these vintage games today I was dizzy with excitement! One glance inside the boxes and I was hooked!--I think I smiled the whole way home....couldn't wait to dig into the boxes and sort thru them all!

I have never seen these before and am just over the moon about the fun graphics, old paper and especially the clock cards!

I will get some of the best ones scanned in soon so I can SHARE with all of you!--Keep posted!

Wouldn't the clock ones be great for a New Years Eve display....or the picture cards for a baby shower....or the math ones for a vintage desk......oooooo the possibilities!

Paint a suitcase!

Here's a quick idea....some of the vintage luggage you come across is that more...plastic-y...kind. Not my favorite. BUT...a little paint and a stencil can help! I just painted this one with ordinary white primer, added a stencil in a rich gray color, and finished it off with furniture wax! Done....I love it. GO AHEAD AND MAKE ONE TODAY!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's try some blog hopping!

Hi Everyone! In my free time I love to jump from blog to blog to keep the ideas and inspiration flowing!

I am joining a blog hop party hosted by Susan AND Angie

Both are very yummy sites...full of great inspiration. Join us won't you?

Here's an excerpt from her blog:

Today's party is a Blog Hop!
And guess what?
Normally this party is a vintage-inspired ONLY
party, but this week we'll open it up to
ANYTHING you want to share!
Old Stuff, New Stuff...Red Stuff, Blue Stuff
(I'm feeling Dr. Suessish!)
Heck, you can even link up giveaways
& sales posts today and today only!

I hope you start hopping all over Blogland,
meet new friends and gain new followers.

You are welcome to co-host this party with
me too! If you've ever wanted to see what
it's like to host your own party - now's your chance!

Here's what you need to do:

1) Create a post announcing the Blog Hop!
2) Add this code to the bottom of your post in html mode:

3) Follow the host of the party - Angie @ Knick of Time
and (must love junk)!
4) Visit lots of people, follow new blogs & make new friends!