Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring fever--Plant something! Use vintage containers!

Here at One Vintage Lane I am always on the look out for a great new idea and a way to use and display ALL of my favorite vintage finds! Spring fever has got me wanting to add new life to the house and store! Here are some FABULOUS and EASY planting ideas I gathered from around the web and my home!
                           How FUN is this! Succulents are so beautiful, hardy and affordable!
What a statement a collection of containers makes. Wouldn't these be cute lined up on an old wooden bench on the porch!

I LOVE vintage silver items. These just add a pop of class to a display. Make a stack of books and vary the height of these on an entry table or accent area! OR put them at each place setting at a party or shower as a take home item for your guests! They will never forget you :)
Dig out those old candy dishes. They make GREAT planters to! I like to put a little bit of gravel or rocks in the bottoms of the containers as well. That helps with drainage for the water and roots.
I hope these pictures have inspired you to try something new today. As always, stop into One Vintage Lane in Hartville, Ohio. 1138 W. Maple Street. We have TONS of great and unique containers to choose from and would LOVE to help you with your creative needs. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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melissa jackson said...

I saw a cool thing on pinterest to make a kitchen herb garden in old coffee tins(the small gfi ones) i am going to do it with the looks so cute on a window sill.