Friday, December 14, 2012

More on the Dining room....

Welcome Back!
Continuing on with the dining room tour today....the picture above is a close up of this.....
Here I have another wonderful piece that was found at a salvage shop for under $20.00! I painted it out in a glossy black and added new hardware. Its former life was, I'm sure, a dresser but I think it makes the PERFECT buffet for my dining room.
Above it I have my vintage serving trays. I just LOVE these and since there are so few occasions to actually use the trays....I hang them! That way I can enjoy them daily. I love the scrolled edges and the wonderful vintage colors in shades of blues and reds.
The small square wall hanging is a piece I saved from a broken door, I simply stamped the word PARIS on it, simple but chic! And, of course, you see I used a vintage suitcase for height on the will soon discover that I LOVE vintage suitcases...I have them everywhere! I actually put them to work for me, the hold office supplies, art from my kids when they were little, nail polish...on and on!
I love my apothecary jars! I change their contents all the time, for the season...for my name it. They are a fun way to, again, add instant change to a room, add a pop of color, get the idea.


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