Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas at MY house

Welcome to MY house! Grab some coffee and make yourself comfy
It's Christmas time and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things and vignettes that I have placed around the house. Everything from vintage to handmade to hand me downs. All these collected treasures make our house feel like Christmas
I am in LOVE with my vintage alarm clock collection and keep them all nestled together for a dramatic pop. My collection grows slowly and I am always thrilled when I stumble upon one in an unexpected place. Some I have grabbed at garage sales, others in thrift stores and there are the occasional few that I grab at specialty shops (and pay a bit more) because I can't resist their charm!
 I tossed in some of my collected vintage Christmas postcards and they stand proudly in my OTHER favorite collection, floral frogs!


Next would be my "hand me down". This fun wreath was my grandmother's and I cherish it. It finds a different place every Christmas, sometimes as the "star" front and center on the mantel, sometimes tucked in the tree. This year it hangs on a vintage window that I have filled with old papers and is in the rear entry so we see it every time we come and go. It always brings back floods of memories of Christmas with my Gram.

The tree in our home office sports our ever evolving collection of vintage carolers. I simply wire them to the branches and they "sing" to us as we get our work done :)
Some items that draw your attention or trigger a Christmas memory may not always 'fit' with your décor taste or style but could be added to a Christmas tree for a different twist!
Beneath the tree is another hand me down from my other grandmother. This vintage typewriter hold many memories and just like the wreath from gram, this piece always finds a new place to rest in my home. I have stuffed the roller and keys with ephemera and it is a statement piece all on its own.
This year I went with a white tree and love how it turned out. I dug through my stash of ornaments and chose those that were white, gray, silver with tiny pops of vintage blue. I am sort of an ornament hoarder and have done trees in all sorts of color schemes!
My mom made me this adorable snowman all in white a few years back and he just looks so happy in his new white tree this year! 
For those of you that know me, you know I have a 'thing' for suitcases! I finally wised up this year and will be storing all of my Christmas decorations in them! They have sat empty all this time. It will make decorating NEXT year so much easier and will clear up some space in the basement!


Collect what you LOVE, love what you collect and display it PROUDLY.
Tell YOUR story in your  home. Make your home your comfy nest.

Thanks so much for visiting! AND Merry Christmas to you ALL!



gmaluck9 said...

All i can say is "lovely." Have a wonderful Christmas.

One Vintage Lane said...

Thank you :)