Friday, January 10, 2014

Pieces and Parts

Looking thru my "stash" of goodies, I kept running into THIS old ceiling light fixture. I have been pushing it around my work space for MONTHS! Should I keep it, paint it, or pitch it? Well, since I pretty much NEVER pitch ANYTHING, I decided to take it into the shop and wait for inspiration to hit.

So, that day, a friend of mine decided that she was wanting to sell a metal dress form that she previously used to display her handmade scarves. I looked at it for what it was and THEN.... I saw it! I thought, wouldn't it be neat to attach something to the top? a bowl for twigs.....the idea was forming.

Maybe do something for spring?.....moss.....banners.....burlap.........ideas rolling now!  I grabbed the old light fixture and it FIT PERFECTLY to the top! Just like they had been waiting to be united all this time. Quick.....grab the wire!

Grab some candles.....some burlap.......

I tend to get this odd sense of panic when ideas start to, HURRY, everything is going to disappear and you won't be able to create!! Hee hee! Do you get like that?

SO. Longer story short, a little wire, a little burlap, an old skirt from my stash, a mossy belt and VOILA.....

She is now a REGAL royal with her crown of candles! I love her!
I cut squares of burlap and tucked them in with the candles where the light bulbs used to go for a nice, snug fit.

I had this left over word banner that I made last spring and it fit perfectly inside the dress form.....serendipity I'd say.
Just THINK of the seasonal looks she can have all year round!
She is happy in residing at ONE VINTAGE LANE in Hartville with her other "dolled up" friends!



Carol Cox said...

WOW! That turned out amazing!! I guess she was meant for you all along! Just waiting for the perfect idea to be sparked! Love it!!!

mkjartist40 said...

awesome! that was my bust form that I sold to Carol...can I have it back now????lol

One Vintage Lane said...

thanks ladies! we all have had "custody" of that beautiful lady....too funny!